Here are answers to some of the questions asked about CAPA Photo Expo. If you have a question that is not answered here, please use the Contact Us Page and we will try to respond within three days.

How much does the conference cost?
Details about pricing can be found on the Registration page.

How do I sign up for the Photo Tours?
Photo Tour registration will be part of the CAPA Photo Expo Registration. These will be open for registration in January 2015.

What should we see while we are in Vancouver?
Here are two links that list just about everything to see in Vancouver. Many of these sites will be included in our Photo Tours.

Is CAPA Photo Expo 2015 open to anyone who wants to learn more about photography? Do I have to be a member of CAPA to participate?
CAPA Photo Expo 2015 is open to anyone interested in photography. You do not have to be a member of CAPA but CAPA members get a preferred registration fee.

To learn more about CAPA and member benefits, click here. To join CAPA, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Will there be transportation to the start of the photo tours?
Yes, people registered for photo tours will be taken by mini bus from UBC to the start of the photo tours.

Are photo tours open to spouses?
Photo tours will be open to spouses and there will be a ‘double occupancy’ rate listed on the website for the overnight tours. The spouses will not need to register for the conference to be able to be included on the tours.

Have a question about Registration?

Visit our FAQ on Registration!

What facilities are available at UBC for meals?
Information about meals at UBC may be found under the Facilities section of the CAPA Photo Expo website.  See “UBC Food Services”.

What accommodation is available and how do I book it?
Information about accommodation at UBC may be found under the Facilities section of the CAPA Photo Expo website.